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Mister Mom creates free time for Atlanta area residents and business executives by providing the highest quality, most reliable cleaning services available.
  • Licensed & Insured.
  • All major credit card accepted.

Our Mission is to Serve You!

Mister Mom LLC. was established in 1981 to deliver the highest quality residential and commercial cleaning in Metro Atlanta. This focus makes us extremely efficient, which in turn keeps our prices affordable. So if you are looking for a reliable company to provide high quality customer service at a reasonable price, then you have come to the right place. Welcome to Mister Mom!
Here are a few questions that you may have about our service:
  • Are you insured?
    Yes, we are licensed and insured.
  • What happens if you accidentally break something in my home or business?
    Of course we are always as careful as we can be when cleaning your home or business, however, accidents happen. If an accident should occur a claim will be filed with our insurance company.
  • How many people come into my home or business?
    Most of our cleaning technicians are team of two. However, few cleaning technicians work alone.
  • How long are they in my home or business?
    We do not work by the hour. We will leave your home or business when the job is completed to your satisfaction. We guarantee our work!
  • Do you send the same person each cleaning?
    We guarantee the same Cleaning Technician each cleaning. Unless something happen and we need to substitute them.
  • Will you tell me what time you will clean my home?
    Our appointments fall between the hours of 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. We will provide you with an estimated time of arrival. If you have a specific time that you need service, we will make every attempt to accommodate you.
  • Will you tell me what time you will clean my business?
    Yes, we will tell you the time of arrival. Normally, business cleaning is done after hours, howerver, if you have a specific time that you need service, we will make every attempt to accommodate you.
  • Do I need to have cleaning products for the cleaners?
    Normally, the customer provides the cleaning products and we do have on hand all the cleaning supplies in case a product is mising. We bring all the equipment.
  • Do I need to do anything before you come to clean?
    In order to get the best cleaning, we do recommend that you pick up any clothing on the floor and that you do not leave your dressers etc. piled up with too much STUFF. We can always clean more thoroughly when we donít have to wade through STUFF. We also ask that, if you have clean dishes in your dishwasher, you unload them. We will be happy to load any dirty dishes that you may have.
  • Do I need to be there when you come to clean my apartment?
    No, it is not necessary unless you just want to be there. All that you will need to do is leave us a key or sign a key release at the Leasing Office. Our Cleaning Technician will check out the key and return it when he/she has completed the job. If you are going to be scheduling on a regular basis, you can sign a permanent key release so that you will not have to remember to sign one every time you are scheduled for a cleaning.
  • Do you work on Saturdays?
    Yes, we do work on Saturdays.

We guarantee our work!

Refer a friend and receive $10.00 off your next cleaning.

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